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"...and Dim, Dim being really dim."

Dim, is one of Alex's original droogs.


Dim starts the novel as one of Alex's friends and comrades, but falls out with Alex with Georgie over his leadership of the group. Alex fights the two to stop their rebellion, Dim ends up with his leg and wrist cut by Alex. The same evening he hits Alex in the eyes with his chain to blind him and leave him to the police. After Alex's arrest Dim stays with Georgie and Pete, until Georgie's death. Dim becomes a police officer a some time between Georgie's death and Alex's release, eventually being called; along with Billyboy who had also become an officer, to break up a fight and without knowing saving Alex. Dim exacts his revenge on Alex with Billyboy driving to the country-side before beating Alex and leaving him.


Dim is unintelligent and child-like, but highly aggressive. He is as violent as Alex and the other Droogs, but is a stronger fighter, being described by Alex in the fight with Billyboy as "worth three of the others in sheer madness and dirty fighting."

He rarely has his own ideas mainly following others; first Alex then after the fallout Georgie.