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"Pee and em in their bedroom next door had learnt now not to knock on the wall with complaints of what they called noise. I had taught them."

Alex's Parents, are often referred to by Alex as his 'Pee and Em', and he lives with them with the two remaining largely unaware of his nightly activities. They live with Alex in Municipal Flatblock 18A.


Neither of Alex's parents can control him, and do not suspect any of his criminal activities; when they do ask about Alex's nightly activities they accept his vague answer: "it's mostly odd things, helping like." Alex is economically independent thanks to his criminal past-times, leading to his dominance over his Farther along with Alex's natural aggression. Alex's mother cares for him like he was an ordinary child leaving dinner out for him and she is upset greatly by his arrest. After Alex's arrested and prison sentencing his parents take on Joe as a lodger, in part to replace Alex. On his release, Alex returns to his parents to find his belongings confiscated and Joe living in his room, Alex leaves upsetting his mother again, Joe effectively taking Alex's place in the family unit. After reading about Alex attempt to take to take his life, they visit him in hospital and ask if he wants to come home, Alex however refuses their request.