"But you, O my brothers, remember sometimes thy little Alex that was. Amen. And all that cal."
Alex is the protagonist and anti-hero of 'A Clockwork Orange', the novel is written from his point of view and speech patterns, including repeated words, repeative uses of the word 'like' and use of Nadsat slang. At the beginning of the novel Alex is 15 years of age, but through the book ages to end up 18. Alex addresses the reader throughout and referes to himself as 'Your Humble Narrator'.

Life Edit

Alex, attended a correction school when he was young, which is why P. R. Deltoid watchs over Alex. At the beginning of the novel he lives with his parents in a flat in 'Municipal Flatblock 18a', his parents remain unaware of his current criminal activities. Alex is the leader of a youth gang, or his 'droogies' , Alex is left for the police by his 'droogs' who despise his leadership.

Alex is arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison, after killing a woman, however he only serves two year before killing a prisoner and being selected for a course of aversion therapy: known as the Ludovico's Technique.

After the therapy Alex is sickened at the thought of violent acts and is forced to act 'good', unintentionally the technique has conditioned him against classical music, however his parents have given his room to a lodger, he is recognised by one of his victims and attacked, he is then rescued by three police officers two being his old droog Dim and a rivial gang leader Billyboy; the two assualt and leave him in the wilderness. Alex wanders to a home of anouther of his victims F. Alexander (who's wife Alex raped with his gang), although he doesn't recognise him. He looks after Alex with the intention of using his expirences to destablise the goverment. F. Alexander realises who Alex is and with the help of 3 friends forces Alex to kill himself by playing classical music, Alex does not die from the fall, and the group is arrested by the goverment and Alex is offered surport by the goverment in return for his cooperation. Alex is given a job in the 'National Gramodisc Archive', and after talking to Pete who has decided to give up crime and start a family, he does the same.


Alex is an intelligent person, often thinking about philosophical topic such as free will and morality; he has unusual tastes for his age and piers enjoying classical music. Alex is also incredibly violent, like many of his generation with the reduction in the policing effectiveness, he controls a small gang of his 'droogs' who together commit multiple crimes ranging from theft to assault to rape.

Alex is controlling quelling a rebelion by his droogs to put an end to his dictator like leadership of the group, which he does by fighting first Georgie then Dim, he can think tactically in a fight changing is fighting style while fighting Dim to give himself the advantage.


Alex is simular in the film as he is in the novel but his last name is revealed to be Delarge, and he is portrayed more manipulative. The finally chapter of the book is omitted from the film meaning so is Alex redemption ending on his line:

"I was cured all right."